We put the Fun in Fundraising

Available Fundraiser Options

Cruise Fundraiser Certificate
Purchase Cruise Line Certificate from Affordable Cruises N More to raffle off.
Purchase Cruise/Vacation Certificate for a certain dollar amount which can be used on any cruise line purchased from Affordable Cruises N More 

Cruise Fundraiser

Organize a cruise for all members, family, friends and community to attend.; The proceeds go to the organization at the end of the cruise, very successful and great way to raise money.

Generate significant fundraising dollars for your non-profit organization, charity, church, school,using a fabulous fun filled Cruise!
Over 11 million people took a cruise last year and an even higher number will take a cruise this year. Do you know how many of those cruisers were your members? Do you know how many were family, friends and neighbors of your members? By converting those cruise passengers into YOUR cruise passengers, you can raise money for your organization.
Here's how: We will help you select an appropriate cruise date, ship and itinerary. You gather, guide and direct any potential cruisers from among your members, their families and friends onto your special cruise. As a result of their participation on your designated cruise, a portion of their cruise fare will directly benefit your organization.
It's that easy!

And we do all the work 

  •  Reservations
  •  Handle Deposits
  •  Payments
  •  Travel documents


We will also provide you with the following to help you promote your group

  • FREE Custom Website for your group
  • FREE Flyers
  • Send custom emails to you to forward to your group or provide us with an email list and we will do it for you.


Your only job is to inform your membership and your community about the new fundraiser through your website, meetings, social events, weekly services, newsletters or bulletins.

What could be more fun than a cruise as a fundraiser? Onboard a cruise ship your members will enjoy fun activities, fabulous meals, the spa, lavish Vegas-style shows, a friendly casino and all the pampering services a cruise is famous for.
Call today for a FREE, no obligation Program Consultation. Let us show you how this unique program can help create support for your organization while offering your group both fellowship and an unforgettable cruise vacation experience.
Here’s how it works:

1. Add a contribution to your cruise by *$60.00 per cabin.
2. Sell 10 Cabins and your organization receives $600.00!
3. Sell 25 Cabins and your organization receives $1500.00!
4. Sell 50 Cabins and your organization receives $3000.00!

It’s that simple!

While onboard, your group can have a special cocktail party, you can be seated together during dinner, private meeting space is also available for seminars or pep rallies! Increase your fundraising by selling t-shirts or specialty items prior to your group cruise!
*Suggested amount per cabin, but the final choice is up to you.

Continual Fundraiser

Wow! Imagine a way that you can take your planned cruise or tour and help your local charity at the same time. With Affordable Cruises N More, Cruising And Touring for Dollars you can. All you have to do is Contact Us at (352)637-4254 and we will set your organization up on our program. Then you link your website to ours, email or send letters, to your members and give them our information. Advise them when they call that they are apart of your organization. If you don't have the time to mail or email the information just give us a copy of your mailing list and we will do the work for you.
Your members can rest assured that they will get the best price for their cruise or tour and be helping the organization at the same time. Affordable Cruises N More will offer the members of your organization special discounts on cruises.  Members can use the discounts for themselves or give the discounts back to the organization in the form of a donation.

Bus Tour Fundraiser
Organize a Bus Tour for all members, family, friends and community to attend.; The proceeds go to the organization at the end of the trip, very successful, fun and great way to raise money. (Casinos, Dinner Cruises, Tampa Bay downs with lunch, Professional Baseball Games, Multi-day trips to Savannah etc., are just a few of trips that can be arranged.