What We DO


We specialize in short, weekend cruises. You may give up some of the glitz & glam of the larger ships, but you'll make up for it with price and convenience! The price of a 3 or 4 day cruise can be as little as HALF of a 7 or 8 day cruise, and they usually sail and return over a weekend so you can take less time off from work. We are certified Travel Partners with ALL the major cruise lines and with our experience we can get you on the right ship with the right itinerary!

Long Weekends

A long weekend is a GREAT time to take a short vacation! Whether driving or flying, you can go almost anywhere and do almost anything if you plan your trip correctly. That’s where we come in! We can set up your trip so that every stop along the way becomes a fun and memorable adventure. Use our experience to help guide you to the best possible Weekend Getaway.

Travel Trips & Reviews

If you need advice or a quick review of an airport, hotel, car rental counter, or anything else, this is the place for you. We write a brief review of EVERYTHING on a trip so you will have a heads-up before you take your vacation. How’s the buffet at Caesar’s Palace? Which terminal has the best food in the Portland airport? How hard is it to get a taxi in Miami? We’ve been all over and we can tell you the good, bad, and fantastic for nearly any destination.