10 Reasons People Are Moving to This Caribbean Country Youve Never Heard Of

Hint: It is a multilingual, flamingo-flecked, diver’s paradise with no traffic jams (or traffic lights).

The word “undiscovered” is somewhat overused in travel, but Bonaire truly is, particularly outside diving circles. This Dutch Caribbean nation battles the overall perception that there is little diversion on offer beyond underwater frills. Bonaire often sits in the shadow of its more popular island neighbors, Aruba and Curaçao, so much so that even airport immigration agents haven’t heard of it. While visiting the island nation earlier this year, I curiously met countless people who fell in love with Bonaire and ended up relocating to the country, living up to the tourism slogan: Once a visitor, always a friend. I even found myself plotting my return before I left and was compelled to investigate this magnetic pull that many of us felt on the island. In asking people why they were inspired to move to Bonaire, I found 10 reasons they fell in love with the island (and why you might too).

Who Are the Alpaca Ladies of Cusco, Peru?

You cant miss their brightly embroidered skirts and jackets. You certainly cant miss their adorable lambs and baby alpacas. On any given day, there are a couple of dozen women in Cusco who come dressed in traditional outfits, ready to pose for photos with their freshly shampooed animals. Every day hundreds of photos of them … Continued

Most Tourists Skip This Caribbean City, But That’s a Big Mistake

Don't be most tourists.

For many tourists, the Dominican Republic is nothing more than a beach-centric getaway. To change this, Santo Domingo has invested upwards of $120 million in a massive restoration project in hopes of pulling tourism dollars from the country’s beaches and into the capital. The project focuses on restoring colonial-era homes, installing streetlamps, removing the tangle of electrical wires that hover over streets, and cleaning up trash. To visit the capital city today is to witness a place in transition. As you walk through the Zona Colonial (Colonial Zone), you’ll find cobblestone avenues with colorful facades reminiscent of, say, Cartagena, Colombia, but, just as quickly, you’ll turn and find a run-down looking boulevard waiting for its turn at a makeover.  Before you head to beachside destinations like Samaná to bask in natural attractions like El Limón Waterfall, take a few days to explore the capital city. From its impressive history and architectural charm to its artisan boutiques and gorgeous hotels—here’s why you should spend a few days in Santo Domingo before heading to the beach.

These 7 European Hotels Earned My Unofficial Fat Girl Seal of Approval

After traveling from Iceland to Italy for my honeymoon, these were the most fat-friendly hotels I stayed in.

When my wife and I started thinking about traveling to Europe for our honeymoon, I went to my favorite Facebook group, Fat Girls Traveling, for some investigating. It’s not the fun kind of research where you excitedly discover tours, experiences, and adventures, but rather, the kind of investigating you have to do as a “fat girl.” The usual questions arose: How would I be treated? Would the beds be big enough? Would I be able to use the toilets comfortably? Would I be able to sleep without A/C? The results of my digging, initially, weren’t particularly promising. In the United States, 67% of women are considered “plus-size.” Meanwhile, Europe is known for its small beds, smaller toilets, and uncomfortably cramped accommodations. As my wife and I are both plus-size, this makes finding a comfortable place to stay challenging, particularly an air-conditioned hotel with beds and toilets that fit. But that didn’t stop me. Travel isn’t just for folks with socially acceptable bodies that fit into society’s view of how travelers should look. Fat people, like me, deserve to feel the joy, freedom, and rejuvenation that travel offers. And so, I planned a 23-day luxury European honeymoon that my wife and I deserved after being COVID-era brides and having a wedding ceremony with no in-person guests. After our travels took us through Iceland, France, Italy, and Switzerland, we found seven European hotels that—despite some problems—earned my unofficial “fat girl seal of approval.”

The Worlds 13 Most Dangerous Airports

Fasten your seatbelts.

Do you know those people who clap when a plane lands at an airport? Seems crazy to appreciate a quick, painless landing, but sometimes the round of applause is well-deserved. Not all airports offer an easy-breezy touchdown to pilots—some need special training and licenses. Even then, it’s a feat to maneuver cliffs, short runways, and wind shears. These are the kind of flights where passengers grip their armrests until they’re white-knuckled, their stomachs churning due to turbulence. These are the world’s most dangerous airports, but what dramatic take-offs and landings–you can enjoy magnificent views if you can bear to keep your eyes open!

Flight Attendant: “These Are the Weirdest Pre-Flight Superstitions I’ve Seen”

Passengers and flight attendants reveal the most unique pre-flight superstitions, from kissing to twirling to traveling with stuffed toys.

Before each flight, flight attendants witness some interesting and, well, odd superstitious actions that passengers will take to ensure they have a safe journey. Airlines are even in on the game, with most avoiding row or flight number 13 and some airports skipping gate 13 altogether. Whether it’s something learned as a child, taught by a fearful flying friend, or a habit developed as an adult to help a favorite sports team win—passengers’ pre-flight superstitions run the gamut from curious to downright hilarious.