Do you need a friend in the travel business to help you plan your trip?  Someone to be there when you have questions like, "How many days should I spend in Munich?" or  "Is this itinerary reasonable?"  or "What is the best time to go to Ireland?"  That's what we're here for!!  American Holiday Planner is here to help you plan then experience the vacation of your dreams

American Holiday Planner is owned and operated by Kathie Snyders of Conifer, Colorado.  Kathie is an independent Travel Agent with Outside Agents.   Plus she is International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN) Accredited.  American Holiday Planner has been registered with the state of Colorado business department since April of 2008.

Let me tell you a story :  American Holiday Planner was originally created to help international travelers coming to the USA (they use the term "holiday" instead of "vacation").  I had heard of people coming here from other countries and wanting to visit Texas from NYC - in one day.  They had no concept of how far it is from New York to Texas nor how huge Texas itself is.  So I put together an informative site and started taking bookings.  It was fun meeting people from all over the world -  there were a couple of Harley motorcycle guys from Norway; a family of 30 from Spain celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary; an executive level professional and his family from the U.K. (who invited my husband and I to visit them at their home in St Albans - their son looked eerily like Harry Potter); a family of 6 from Kuala Lumpur who rented a motor home and drove across the country; as well as Americans going on honeymoon trips and family trips. 

Then in February of 2013, my mom told her friends to contact me because I had been to Ireland multiple times and they were taking a transatlantic cruise to England, then a tour of Scotland and Ireland.  The tour was in the beginning of April and they needed help working out all of the logistics.  That was when It's Celtic Time! was born.  It is a division of American Holiday planner and was created to help people wanting to vacation in Ireland and Scotland.  

I'll give you the short version (the long version is here).  Since 2014, I have been keeping busy with Outlander Tours of Scotland that I investigated and created.  In 2017, I received an award from my host agency, Outside Agents,  for being one of the "Top 50" travel agents out of more than 3000 active agents.  And that was while working part time as a travel agent and part time as a software developer.  As of October 2018, I decided to devote all of my time to my travel business.  Instead of creating a third website, I decided to re-purpose American Holiday Planner to help anyone who wants to travel anywhere in the world.  

Do you want to see the Christmas Markets in Europe, the Tulips in Holland, the beaches of the Caribbean?  How about Hogmanay & New Year in Scotland, St Patrick's Day in Ireland or a culinary vacation in Tuscany?  How does the Galápagos Islands with a side trip to Peru and Machu Picchu on a luxury ship with only 100 passengers sound?  Or maybe your dream is an African Safari.  You can experience a small group (max 16 people) safari from Victoria Falls to Cape Town with a company that believes in "responsible travel."  See Kathie's Links for more information.  

If you would like more information, please contact me.